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Let’s talk you through the process of getting your new business website up and online.

getting a website for your business couldn’t be easier

Busisite offers small businesses and start-ups a cheap and affordable way to get their business online without breaking the bank.

With our simple step by step ordering process, you will find it easy to order your website online.

step 1 – the ordering process

Head on over to our ordering page.

We have tried to make the ordering process for your new website as simple as possible. First you need to fill out some basic information about the template, styling and name of your site. After this you will be prompted to fill out content areas such as an about section, business services and contact details. Following this section will be a section covering the domain of your site.

step 2 – wait for us to do the hard work

You won’t have to do any hard work!

Busisite will use the content, logo and images you have provided to set up your website. This can take 5-7 working days from when your order was placed but we will strive to send you a development link to the new site as soon as possible. Once you are happy with the new site we will set the site live.

step 3 – your site is now live

That was quick and easy!

We aim to take the pain and stress out of designing your business website.

wait! I need to make a change on my site

No problem.

As part of your monthly subscription plan, we can make minor changes to text and images. Just get in contact with your changes and we will implement them as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for? Start filling in the order form now!

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